Bar Stools for the Home

Finding the Best Bar Stools for Your Home

Many people that I sell bar stools too ask me what choices they should make in terms of choosing bar stools for their home.  The following blog post is my overview of what steps to take, what to consider, and ways in which you can be sure to choose the best bar stools to compliment your interior design aspects.

Bar Stools Becoming Very Popular in 2014

Bar stools are becoming an increasingly popular furniture choice, as they’re compact, and can be stored quickly under the counter top or table.  Many homeowners forgo having a dining set, instead choosing a tall bar style table with bar stools, or using their breakfast nook when space is at a premium.  This UK Bar Stools retailer that I work with (they sell my designs in the United Kingdom) has some excellent ideas on how you can use the space in your home to maximise the effect of using these types of chairs.

It can be difficult wading through the variety of choices at the furniture store, and you must ensure that your new furniture matches what you already have in your home.

Bar stools are essentially tall stools with a foot rest on the base. The foot rest may wrap all the way around, or be only in front. A bar stool is generally much taller than regular dining room tables. There are special tables built to work with bar stools, and they are generally taller than a regular table as well. When measuring, ensure that from the top of the seat of the bar stool, to the underside of your tabletop or counter top has at least 18-22” of space, in order to comfortably place your legs.

If your legs are larger, than increase the measurement accordingly. There are even bar stools that have an adjustable height, but expect to pay more. Bring a measuring tape to the store, so you can measure, before you buy.

Will your bar stools be for indoor or outdoor use? If they’re being used outdoors, you may prefer something made from plastic product, in order to withstand the elements. If your bar stools are under cover, than you may be able to get away with any type of material that you want. Here are some ideas on how to set up your outdoor space with this type of furniture.

Outdoor Bar Stools

A great example of how to use bar stools with an outdoors design – image from

Bar stools are composed of a wide range of products from solid wood, to fabricated wood product, and metal. Decide which you would prefer. Fabricated wood product isn’t likely to last as long, but it will be cheaper. Rattan, wood, and plastic are more suitable materials for outdoor usage.

Consider how many bar stools you need. If you’re single, two may be plenty. If you have a large family, or are using them for entertaining, then six to eight may be required.

How big should the bar stools be? If you’re of a larger frame, you may wish for something sturdier, in case you want to take your time sipping your drinks on a Friday night. Arm rests and back rests could also be important features if you’re going to be using your bar stools for entertaining at your home a lot. Consider how long you’ll be sitting on your stool each day, before paying more for a padded seat. has a wide selection of bar stools for the larger person.

How sturdy do you want your stools? Do you want them to easily move around so you can store them easily, or do you want them solid, so they don’t give way when someone goes to sit on them?

Bar stools don’t even need to be all the same, as long as you only choose two different types, and their color-coordinated. For example, you could purchase two plain oak stools, as well as two oak stools with side and back rests.

The best bar stool will give a touch of elegance to your home, while providing a comfortable seating area for entertaining your friends and family.

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Basement Bar Stools

Ideas for Bar Stools to be Used in Basement Bar Designs

If you have ever considered about having your own bar, it could prove to be an extremely popular way in which to entertain family, friends, as well as yourself. A perfect place to have a bar in your current house is your basement. You can transform your basement into most happening spot on block with a little creativity – and using bar stools of course!

You might want to have the finest bar with picture-perfect lighting (as well as sufficient stocked liquor), however there is a key area which you need to focus on first and that is bar stools – obviously am a little biased on this front but stick with me!

Many suitable bar stools are available with an enormous range of distinctive colors, shapes, and sizes. They include retro bar stools, leather bar stools, and funky bar stools. As per the variety, it becomes very important that you think about both quality as well as comfort. Any premium bar stool that supports you is well-worth giving out some extra bucks.

The initial consideration should always be the height. Take a quick measurement of the height of bar so that you know what height you need for your new bar stools. You should have about 10-13 inches in between top of seat as well as bottom of bar in order that nobody is unable to reach their drink!  Make sure that there is always a well-balanced percentage for both convenience and legroom.

Generally speaking the total number of bar stools that typically fit a small personal home bar like this will be around 4, or at least enough so that you don’t suffer any congestion. While positioning the stools, leave sufficient space for the people so that they can move freely without any cramps.

Some of the more popular bar stool designs come with seatbacks and armrests; these usually take additional space than backless counterparts. If you select bar stools with armrests, make sure that you are still able to push the bar stools under the bar for storage purposes.

Usually, bar stools are available in heights between 17-30 inches. This means you may need to compromise because you won’t be able to find a design which fulfills your height necessities.

Bar stools can be plain or upholstered. In case you select upholstered ones, you may customize the pattern and fabric yourself. Natural, vinyl, and leather cowhide are accepted options. In addition, you may buy stools which come well equipped with the removable cushions that tie to seatbacks or for bottom of stool itself. They are generally easier for cleaning as well as changing the covers.

The legs and body of stool can come with enormous material varieties. There are some simple and classic wood bar stools also. There are some stools produced from chrome and steel; with plastic stools can often be found in the retro stores. Also there are swivel bar stools. Contemporary designs may be fairly resourceful. There are some stools with loading for chairs. Some stools are there that look like double-decker burgers, and some look like small headless sheep or cows.

Consider that while shopping stools, don’t forget to take precise measurements as well as do some study. There are lots of different styles bar stool available therefore take sufficient time to make any decision.

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Why You Should Consider Kitchen Bar Stools in Your Home

Kitchen bar stools are a versatile kind of furniture that is guaranteed to enhance your home décor with a stylish and contemporary look. This is mainly because these stools are made from different materials and come in a variety of unique designs that you can choose according to your preference. Contrary to their name, this furniture is ideal for not only the kitchen but also your patio and dining room. In fact, you can give your patio and dining room a chic look and personal touch by simply incorporating bar stools.

There are four different heights for these stools that you can choose from; 34 inches, 30 inches, 26 inches and 24 inches. Although there are also 18 inch stools, they are not as common because they cater for short counters only. On the other hand, the 26 and 24 inch stools are designed for standard kitchen counters.

Benefits if Kitchen Bar Stools

Kitchen bar stools are often overlooked by some people as being a luxury other than a necessity. However, the truth is that incorporating bar stools into your kitchen comes with a number of benefits. First, they are excellent space savers leaving you with a spacious kitchen. As such they are particularly great for small kitchens because other than bringing in a table and chairs you can simply set up a breakfast bar and a couple of stools.

It even gets better when you get the fold away stools as you can keep them away when you do not need them. Secondly, bar stools are customizable thus, you can choose the material as well as design especially if you are considering having a unique set of stools. Finally, bar stools are suitable for just about every kitchen hence families as well as bachelors can have them as their versatility is simply astounding.

Choosing Kitchen Bar Stools

With thousands of designs of kitchen bar stools at the stores, choosing an ideal set for your home can be difficult. As such, there are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration to as to ensure that you get the right stools for your kitchen bar. First, you need to have the design of your kitchen in mind so that you go for stools that blend in perfectly. The second factor it the materials from which the stools are made and the effect you desire to create. For instance, pine, oak or other wood works well where you want traditional kitchen stools.

Most importantly, go for material that can withstand rough use.  Thirdly, take into consideration the uses of the stools such as being placed on balconies, gardens or gaming rooms. The fourth point to consider is comfort. It is very important to ensure that your stools are comfortable otherwise they will be of no use to you besides their aesthetic value. The height of the kitchen bar stools is also another important factor for consideration when choosing bar stools that should be chosen based on the height of the counter and ultimately your comfort. Finally, the design of the stools is also a notable factor because you want a design that will reflect your taste as well as create the desired ambience.

In conclusion, kitchen bar stools are a great way of injecting freshness into your kitchen and your home décor as a whole as long as you choose a set of bar stools that will perfectly meet your needs while complementing your kitchen space.

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Man Arrested After Crashing a Motorised Bar Stool in Ohio

With furniture being my area of expertise, I have Google Alerts set-up for news about furniture related items that are making the news.  If you are not using Google alerts then I recommend that you do – details at the bottom of this blog post.  An alert I received recently was concerning a man in Ohio, United States, who was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, and you won’t believe what he was driving… a motorised bar stool.  I found this blog post on a Bar Stools website via an alert, with the original and full report being filed on Sky News.

He Drove His Own Motorised Bar Stool Drunk!

This is the actual bar stool – image courtesy of

Bar Stools

Crazy story, but it’s true… apparently he had built his own bar stool with an engine on the back and was driving at about twenty miles per hour when he crashed it.  His name was Kile Wygle (not sure how you pronounce that!) and he’d adapted an everyday bar stool, like the ones you see in bars or modern kitchens (we personally have bar stools in our kitchen at home).  He’d fitted it out with a steering wheel and small petrol engine.  Thankfully he wasn’t injured, but police breathalysed him at the scene and found that he was intoxicated in charge of a bar stool!  His driving license was suspended as you can imagine.

By all accounts, at the point of crashing his bar stool, the emergency services turned up and he told them he had drunk a lot of beer before crashing.  Whilst anyone would decide it was a good idea to fit engines to bar stools in the first place, and then drive them around is beyond me, but this is exactly what he did.

He was quoted as saying to the local TV station that “”I drank quite a bit after I wrecked because my head hurt so bad, I went in and drank a half a bottle of whiskey” – so essentially he was changing his story after the event and tried to tell police that he actually got drunk after he crashed his motorized bar stool, rather than before.  Nobody was buying that story though.

Did He File for a Personal Injury Claim?

Well, there was no reports of him trying to make a personal injury claim, and in truth I am not sure how that would have been progressed – but then stranger things have happened in the world of personal injury – well, perhaps with exception to men driving and crashing bar stools whilst drunk on whiskey!

PS: If you would like to set-up Google Alerts for your line of business then you can do so quite easily (you will need a Google account).  They are very easy to set-up and you can state whether you want daily or immediate alerts.  I personally have alerts for new furniture websites, new bar stools websites (I love bar stools),  as well as strange new designs as these are the ones that interest me.  If you are a in the furniture business, then they can really helpful in picking up new ideas or ways in which to sell your products because you can comment on forum posts when you get a relevant alert.  This video below gives more information:

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